About Me

Hi, I’m Amy and I’m 23 years old. I graduated from University last year and was meant to spend the past year travelling, however that got cut short by COVID-19. I aim to travel as much as possible and since 2015 alone I’ve been to over 17 different countries.

For a brief over view of this year, I saved up until February when I jetted off to Mozambique, intending to spend 2 months there and 2 months in South Africa, but, due to COVID, I was forced to abort mission only three weeks in. (For more information on that read this blog!) So, like a lot of other travellers, I returned home to the UK for lockdown. Then, in September I headed out to Gozo, Malta, for 5 weeks to complete my PADI Divemaster qualification. I slipped, and fell, and now I’ve accidentally ended up living in Gozo and becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor… it was one hell of a fall!

I am also studying for a TEFL and hope to be able to experience more of the world by getting teaching jobs in foreign countries and experiencing different cultures.

I am currently struggling for work due to the off season hitting Gozo hard, and writing this blog on the side because I enjoy it and it keeps me busy, however, if you enjoy it and would like to see more, you can support me by using Buy Me a Coffee here.

As an advocate for ethical and sustainable travel, I’m also a brand ambassador for A Good Company, a company who strives to create ecofriendly, carbon offset, vegan goods for people worldwide. You can get 10% on their fantastic products by using the code: thisgingertravels or visiting http://agood.com/thisgingertravels.


I am gluten and dairy intolerant.

As well as trying to eat vegetarian, meaning my diet can be super restrictive! But I love trying new cuisine and Asian cuisine often automatically fits into my dietary requirements.
On the scuba diving boat in Mozambique in March 2020.

My Oupa (grandfather) was South African.

I have barely been to South Africa since I was 5; it was one of the places I was meant to be if it weren’t for COVID-19, but I feel huge ties to the country as I heard so much about it from my Oupa (this is an Afrikaans word).
Me at Dawlish Warren in July 2020.

I got my degree in Drama!

Since graduating I haven’t done much to do with theatre, however I really loved the theoretical side and learning about the history of theatre, especially as it is an art form that appears in all cultures throughout history and the world in different ways.
My graduation in July 2019.

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